Deceptive Sign-Up Process

Sadly, i closed my DreamHost acct within an hour of signing-up. This is despite the many hours of research that lead me to believe DreamHost was my best option.

I read reviews/comparisons on many other sites that said you can’t beat the value/service that DreamHost provides. During this research i clicked on promos to get a better sense of the deals available. Unfortunately, when doing this a cookie was unknowingly stored on my browser.

Knowing that a link might implement a promo, i directly entered the DreamHost website with the intent of entering a promo to see what plan i was signing-up for. I searched for DreamHost on Google, clicked on the direct link to DreamHost, and began the sign-up process.

Nowhere in the sign-up process did it mention that a cookie was being applied to my profile/acct. Unfortunately, the sign-up process was completed before I new what hosting plan i was agreeing to. New users should have the opportunity to see what they’re agreeing to before making an agreement.

When discussing this with chat personnel they defended this with the argument that they must honor the affiliate providing them traffic. I have no problem with this as long as i know which promo (& hosting plan) i was agreeing to. Also, this would give the credit to the affiliate that actually gave me the best justification for choosing DreamHost, not one of the many affiliate links i looked at.

I expected more from a service that came so highly recommended.

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of people say they have trouble getting the promo code they wanted in to the discount field… or even that there’s no where to manually input said promo. I guess the cookie goes to the last clicked link, which should theoretically be good for the referring affiliate, but all I’ve seen lately is a lot more reversed sales & partial signups.

It does seem like there should be a place for the new customer to manually insert their favorite promo - maybe it’s mine or maybe it isn’t - so at least they know what they’re signing up for! The best way to accomplish this currently, AFAIK, is to delete your cookies right before clicking on the promo code you want to sign up with.

A lot of affiliate systems work this way for many sites; the idea is to credit whoever led you to the site in the first place, even if you do some surfing around in between arriving and signing up.

I had similar problems with sign up and promo’s.

CS fixed the issue and I’ve been underutilizing my webspace ever since.