DEC 2007 newsletter yet?


Did everybody get the DEC 2007 newsletter yet? It’s not in my mailbox or


I’m sure it will be soon. :wink:

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Hey, this may be the first we’ve heard of someone waiting with bated breath for the thing! :slight_smile:

Not that it necessarily so surprising. It’s just surprising…

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It’s not a whole month late yet. Wait until Feb. 1 to panic. However, there’s always the DH Blog and Status to catch some changes, such as the beta testing of RoundCube (also mentioned in the Beta forum).



ha ha. This is funny. Let’s see when it will be out.

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wow… how important is it for you ?

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Well I apart from the issues with rails that come from december and that they don’t want to even try with lighttpd I wonder what can say a month late ;D.

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Got mine earlier today.

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