Debugging Outgoing E-mail Issues

Okay, I’m posting this here since the general troubleshooting has been flooded with spam topics again.

Anyway, I’m having some trouble with e-mail sent by a phpBB forum I’m hosting; now I’m not completely sure of the cause, but what I’m seeing is that I’m only getting a fraction of the e-mail my board should be sending for subscribed topics etc., meanwhile other users are complaining about receiving multiple duplicate e-mails.

My board is configured to use my outgoing SMTP server, using a separate account from my own personal e-mail. This is configured to deleted all messages in its inbox after a short delay (including unread messages) so its only for outgoing messages.

I’m investigating whether this might be a phpBB bug, but I’m also hoping someone can tell me if this might be an e-mail server issue; I don’t know of any way to access e-mail server logs, so I can’t be sure of what’s wrong. Do I need to contact support staff to have them look for anything strange in the logs?

Tr this first before contacting support.

Good luck. I think it’s more of a phpBB issue rather than email one.