Debugging code, help please

I pointed the DNS servers so i now have it at Dreamhost. For some reason it won’t pull ‘navigation-primary’ or ‘navigation-secondary’ or the footer.

the site is
you can see NO header, right side margin, or footer pulls.

A sample footer exists at
And you can see in the code the footer is supposed to pull it: <?php include 'inc/'; ?>

Any suggestions are appreciated. I checked the “inc” folder and all the headers & footers are there.

thanks, BJ Matson

I see PHP tags in the index page. My guess is you’ll have to rename the main page from index.html to index.php so that the web server sends it through PHP, instead of just passing it straight to the browser.

if all you html files should be interpreted as php, you can add a line to .htaccess to make that happen. unfortunately i don’t remember how to do that anymore, but maybe someone else can help you. i usually find it more useful to name files with the correct extension and then put redirects in place as necessary.

The following might help but I would recommend rewriting the extension instead of placing php code in real .html files:

RemoveHandler .html
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .html

For rewriting php files to .html files.
This allows you to still upload your php files but you can have them show up as filename.html without actually having a filename.html.

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)\.html $1.php

That first chunk doesn’t work on our web servers, as we don’t use mod_php (for good reason). Correct solution for here is simply: