Debian 3.1 slays FrontPage :(


I am probably the only one still using FrontPage :p, but, anywho, all of my FrontPage form handlers on all of my sites have been rendered non-functioning + I am unable to access and edit any of my sites using the FrontPage software…hopefully this will be fixed soon…it has been like this since sometime wednesday or thursday and I have been patiently awaiting repair—just wondering if anyone else having struggles? thanks!



I had an issue where a client was un-able to connect to her Domain via FP. Got an error on connect that it couldn’t find some file and then of course wouldn’t hook up.

I’m not sure if the form she uses was not working either or not… I contacted support with a site outage emergency, and got a reply back from them in about 2 hours saying that FP extensions had been reinstalled for the domain, and now it’s working agian.

I got notice that my server was upgraded to Debian about 2 weeks ago though, and this was only brought to my attention today - but that probably means she doesn’t updeate very often.



I probably should have reported this earlier, because it seems like the support que is flowing over again :frowning: I am sure that a simple FP reinstall would probably fix this - is there a way to initiate on the users end or is that something that can only be initiated on the server side? FYI, I cannot currently access my site through FP or FTP----



as far asI know it’s a support only thing.