Deals on continuing service?

So I’ve been with Dreamhost for the past year on a $9.95 deal and now my time is about up. I dont’ want to give up my domains, but I have service with another host that I could pay to switch them to, but I don’t really want to. Plus I like having a Dreamhost server to just kinda dump files on and send to friends and such, plus have a place to work on php stuff and learn on…

I dont’ want to pay $100 for another year. Is there some other deal???

unfortunately the promo codes are one time only deals and there is no further offers, at least that I am aware of

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If you do like Dreamhost and find it useful, why not pay the full price? It’s still low compared to other hosts, considering what you get for your money.

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I would have to agree. $10.00/month for one of the best hosting companies with high disk and bandwidth… It is below the going price.

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I don’t know if I’d agree that it’s below the going price, but it’s certainly at the going price or at least competitive with any other host.

If you really can’t afford it, you could think about pursuing some minimal monetization of your sites if its appropriate. Adsense is low-effort. Or you could just create a promo code and a small testimonial page on your site. You won’t get rich on the referral income but if you have decent traffic, over the year you could defray a significant part of your hosting fees.

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Since it sounds like you are still obtaining some use from your DreamHost account, you really need to ask yourself if the service is worth the full plan price to you ? If it is, renew, if it isn’t, don’t renew. :slight_smile:

The promo-code system was designed as a way to allow potential customers to try DreamHost at a fraction of the regular price. I really doubt that DreamHost could sustain their service if existing customers could renew at the discounted price.

Personally, I believe the service DreamHost provides is easily worth the full plan price.


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