Dealing with spam to my doamin

So, with my previous service provider I got little to no spam, switched to Dreamhost and spam galore, up to 80 messages a day for almost a year now. It seems that the previous ISP did some sort of filter on the crap before it hits my mailserver, but Dreamhost does none of that. And, I can’t see how spam assassin works other than a white and black list set-up, which is no good as the spam is all over the map and I can’t spent four hours a day black listing this and that… I have looked through to Spamassassin settings in the interface, but to my limited (technically and in time) eye there is no way to catch a good portion of the wave of spam.

So, can anything be done about Dreamhost sucking so hard on the spam front? I mean, something I can do that is easy and works? I am considering changing providers soon as my account is about to lapse.

You can use Junk Filter in your web panel->Email->Junk Filter.

There are more information in the wiki :

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I have had the Junk Mail filter turn on for several months and it produced no noticable change in the amount of spam. :frowning:

Is there something clearly effective that can be implimented? The Dreamhost support documents are unclear on effective solutions and long on jargon that I am not sure apply to my case or skill set. Again, I just want a broad effective spam filter akin to what my previous provider had, which did not see me losing legit email swimming with the spam.