Dead FTP

Hi … I am the administrator for our FTP site, which is hosted on I can log in (username: bdemchak) but when I issue an “ls” command, I get absolutely no reply. For minutes … maybe hours. Is this service broken?? Am I missing something??

What does SSHing into the server get you?

Because everyone has an opinion.

It gets me a command line. I have changed my FTP GUI (WebDrive) to use SFTP instead of FTP, and life is now fine.

Pretty tacky, though, that normal FTP now hangs. What’s up with that?

Make sure your user is set to use SSH and/or FTP as desired. This is set in the DreamHost panel under Users -> Manage Users, then click Edit for that user.


Yes … it is already set that way: Shell account allows SFTP/FTP plus ssh access. Shell type: /bin/bash. Disallow FTP is unchecked.

Is there some other reason why the FTP service would be failing?

Do you have another user you can test? Alternatively, I’d be contacting support. Unless this is on a PS… then just reboot the thing and see what doesn’t work.

Because everyone has an opinion.