Deactivating dreamhosters mirror with wordpress

Ok, I originally set up my wordpress site with a dreamhosters mirror. Now I want to deactivate the mirror so people can access the site directly (some are being blocked from accessing it on work computers due to the mirror).

I saw a post here in the forum that said just go to the WP dashboard and change the Wordpress and site addresses to reflect the direct URL rather than the mirrored one. When I do that and I try to access the site I can see the content information but without any theme information. Also I can no longer access the Admin dashboard.

How do I go about changing things so I can access the site as it should be and the Admin site as well?

Thanks in advance :wink:

The 3.5 basic steps are:

1 - add the domain as fully hosted in the panel USING THE EXACT SAME FTP USER as the sub-domain
2 - log into WP admin and change the URL of the site. This will give you an error in WP admin, just make sure you don’t ave a typo in your entry and ignore the error.
3 - log into your FP user and delete the almost empty new directory that was created automatically by dreamhost when you did step 1, then rename the subdirectory to the same name as
4 - (semi-optional but much cleaner) add a new hostname for your mysql database and edit your wordpress config file with that new hostname.

If you do step 3 before step 2, then you will most likely have trouble accessing wp-admin.