Deactivating a mirror and setting a redirect

Unfortunately I have the one site set up as a mirror to the other and now with free ssl I’d like to use that. The site works fine with ssl but the other as a mirror does not so I have to break the mirror and just redirect it.
I’m just curious if I try do do this “quickly” will I still get a bad outage?
Unfortunately most of the people are using the mirror.

In other words is this a 10-15 minute thing or are people going to get knocked out for a couple hours? Anyone experience this before?

Its going to cause issue for 4 hours at least.

You might ask support of they’ll knock TTL down to 5 minutes on both domains while the change is made. Keep in mind TTL must be changed a cycle ahead of when you need the change. (Dremhosts normal TTL is 4 hours, so changing TTL to 5min will not have any effect for 4 hours.)