Deactivate or Delete Domain?

We just added a new site with a domain name that was an extremely popular blogger site up until about a month ago. We just got the domain name a few days ago.

I’ve installed Mambo but am reconsidering closing the site until we are ready with our content. My logs are filling up with error messages/hits to pages that no longer exist. I’ve set up the error pages, and redirects, etc. but frankly, we’re not ready to open. This morning someone was trying to access our admin panel and I’d just like to shut the site down temporarily until I have the time to set things up. Hopefully, this will give the newsreaders time to see that the site is no longer active and discontinue requesting pages. Until then, would deactivating http be the best way or should I delete the domain? The domain name is the free registration so I don’t want to jeopardize that aspect of it. Any suggestions?



Edited to add: Perhaps this is a question for support instead of the forum?

well, if you delete the domain then you won’t be able to use it set your scripts up and get your contect ready, so I wouldn’t do that.

Removing http service from the domain will also block you from accessing it too -and if you need to set some stuff up with mambo using their web based control panel you won’t be able to do that with the http disabled.

I’m thinking that there should be a way to do this easly though. Somehting like a site wide htaccess file could provide a pop-up message saying “sorry site down” and still let you access it… But I’ve seen better ways of accomplishing this - just can’t think of it. Anybody else have an idea?


This might work:

  1. Set up a sub-domain to use for testing. Point it to the domain directory.

  2. Change the domain itself to point to some other directory that just has a simple index.html saying “Come back later” or something.

  3. When you’re ready to go live, switch the domain back.

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