Deactivate dns hosting

How can I change my dns back to 'fully hosted" rather than the “hosted elsewhere” option that I activated by mistake.

If it’s DNS that you mean, then that’s in the panel under Domains -> Registration. Click on the registered domain and click the Modify WHOIS info button at the button.

If it’s the actual website hosting, then go to Domains -> Manage Domains and click your domain name and use the top section to set up Fully Hosted. If you wiped out your hosted site here and are trying to get it back, you may have to contact Support to see if they can restore your files.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the input. I’m a returning customer for hosting but have always had my domain registration with Dreamhost. I had trouble with “user name invalid” on the FULLY host set-up page at and at one point I clicked on “dsn hosting only” by mistake. I’ve changed it back several times with “success” but the panel still says dns instead of FULLY. I’m now in contact with support for what I hope will be a happy outcome.

Thanks again,