Deactivate Cloaked?

I just purchased my domain name for my website. I have a site provided and hosted with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. They give directions on how to get a domain name. One thing that is suppose to pop up for me is all the domain names I have. However, only the new one through Dreamhost can be seen. Also under my old domain name, it is suppose to have an action to “deactivate cloaked”. Im not seeing this function at all and thus it keeps popping up that my name is not registered correctly not sure what was done wrong here.

Only domains registered through DreamHost will show up in the domains section of the DreamHost control panel. If you have domains registered elsewhere, you’ll have to manage them there.

Settings for deactivating private registration, etc. are also in the DreamHost control panel at But again, if your domains are registered elsewhere, you’ll need to go there to change those settings.