.de domain DNS

What is the problem with .de domains and Dreamhosts DNS !? I am stuck with .de domains I cannot host. What is the hold period before transfer out?

"Unfortunately, your request to update name servers on “my domain.de” has been declined by the .DE Registry (DENIC). Please find below reasons this might have happened:

The German registry (DENIC) impose some requirements on name servers for .DE domain names. While submitting your delegation request, the registry has informed us that your servers do not comply. You must make sure that the associated name servers fulfill the following requirements.

(i) The two required name servers that are associated with the
domain name must be active and authoritative for the domain.

(ii) Furthermore, all domains submitted to the .DE registry must have
name servers that reside on different subnets in order to avoid
the single point of failure. Two subnets differ from each other
if at least one of the first 3 segments of the IP address is

The name servers are on different sub-nets, so that only leaves item (i).

ns1.dreamhost.com =
ns2.dreamhost.com =
ns3.dreamhost.com =


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Time to ask DH support.


We were unable to delegate your domain my domain.de to your requested

ns1.dreamhost.com True
ns2.dreamhost.com False

The reason being that your name servers are currently misconfigured. Below
provided is an error report describing the problem, please pass this on to
your hosting provider.

Kind Regards,

The Support Team

Europe Registry Ltd

Test results
---- fatal ----
f: [TEST SOA record present]: server failure (IN/SOA: my domain.de.)

Final status

To check your name servers are configured correctly, please use the official .DE name server checking tool found at http://zonecheck.denic.de/zonecheck/en. Here you can see your error details.

Zone~ my domain.de
Primary~ ns1.dreamhost.com ~ IPs
Secondary~ ns2.dreamhost.com ~ IPs

est results
---- fatal ----
f: The nameserver list doesn’t match the given one

The given nameserver list (ns1.dreamhost.com., ns2.dreamhost.com.) is not consistent with the one retrieved from the zone (ns1.dreamhost.com., ns2.dreamhost.com., ns3.dreamhost.com.).

Final status

are you giving it ns1, ns2, and ns3? if so, that error message looks like it might work if you just give it ns1 and ns2.