Dcraw module installed?

Is Dcraw installed on DH servers? If so, where is it?



(Dcraw enables handling RAW images in Gallery)

I got something in wiki. not sure whether it helps :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes, I saw that too. Not helpful but somewhat encouraging.

Apologies for dredging up this old post, but I was just looking into this myself as I was installing Gallery for my family.

I’m pretty sure the dcraw binary is not installed on my dreamhost server (and by gross extension none of the others as well). You would have to put the binary in your own bin directory and then configure the dcraw module to point to the full path of the binary.

But I’m not so sure how wise it would be to install and run dcraw in a shared hosting environment. Though with the ability to run these helper processes in NICE mode, the server shouldn’t be impacted. I’m not sure if DreamHosts cpu monitoring takes into account processes that are NICEd. Does anyone know?

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