DB Table Name for JAlbum

I’m using JAlbum photo software with the BluPlusPlus skin. To enable viewer remarks (comments) you need a database, which I created in the cpanel, but the skin is asking for a Table Name. Is there a default name which is used when a database is created? _table or something?

As far as I know there are no tables setup when you create a database. You could go in through phpmyadmin and create a table though. to access that just type in the host name for your database in your web-browser’s window and log in with the user/pass for that database.

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Thank-you for the answer. It turns out that the Table Name in the BluPlusPlus skin is the requested table name which, apparently, the skin will create in the database. The BluPlusPlus documentation on the Viewer Remark feature is excellent. You (I, in this case) just need to read it!