DB Name is already taken/ error on any name

DB Name “insert anything here” is already taken by another user (or you).

I get his message when I try to make a database by any name. I filed a support ticket but was hoping someone here would know why this occurs.


the DB names need to be unique across all Dreamhost accounts (or at least that host). Try a non standard name. I used to add my initials to all my DB names.

The User name needs to be almost as Equaly unique, although you can use the same username for multiple DBs.


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OMG I’ve tried phpbb1 and even the simple “A” those didn’t work… but I tried one more time after reading your post and come up with something else and that worked… thanks a lot for the quick reply.


I always put my account name in front, like “yourname_dbname”. That way, I’m sure it’s unique.

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