DB gives error ! Need help


I have moved the forum (smf forum) to dreamhost server, it had no problem till I realized that “the function of search” doesn’t work.

When I make a search , it gives this message ;

DROP command denied to user minarenet for table 'smf_tmp_log_search_topics’
File: /home/.minabush/minarenet/minare.net/forum/Sources/Search.php
Line: 1010

I looked at line 1010, this is what it includes ;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS {$db_prefix}tmp_log_search_topics", FILE, LINE);

When I tried to create this table , phpmyadmin gave error over error , it says :

MySQL print:

#1142 - DROP command denied to user ‘minarenet’@‘rootbeer.dreamhost.com’ for table ‘smf_tmp_log_search_topics’

I need help, why can’t I add an sql file anymore or delete ? :frowning:

Your user needs to have appropriate privileges for that database:

Either go in as the user that owns that database, or Add a User and give that person some privileges.


sdayman thanks so so so so much brother

I have been busy with this since the morning and I came over it thanks to you…

Thanks again…