DB Backup

DH hosts a database-driven internal app for my company. It synchronizes with QuickBooks, pays compensation, tracks sales, etc. It is vitally important to the short- and long-term operation of the company. I have been busy investing time creating an automatic backup system for our three main databases.

My question is this: realistically, what are the chances of loosing all or part of the databases? How often do these things give out for any reason? Does DH do their own internal backup? Do they provide any backup options I should know about? Anything else I should know on the topic?

I ask these things because it seems to me that many companies have vital databases out there that are MUCH larger than mine, yet I am having some difficulty backing up mine because of their size. What do those other companies know that I don’t? Do they just not back them up because there’s no need? Or are there backup solutions I need to tap into?

Thanks for your help. Really.

We do perform backups of customer databases as a convenience, but we do not guarantee that they’ll always be available when you need them. As such, we strongly recommend that you do keep your own MySQL backups, particularly if the databases contain business-critical data.

andrewf: does Dreamhost offer a guaranteed backup service? I’d pay more for it.

And further, I just got my backed up stuff. I do weekly back up my WordPress databases. But what I can’t quite figure out what do do with are the .gz files They appear to be the same as the MySQL files. Are they different?

.gz is a compressed file

@strtoi, no there’s no guaranteed backup service. Besides, if DreamHost vanishes off the face of the earth, you’d better have your own backups.

Personally, I’ve never lost any data here due to a DreamHost glitch, but I’ve used their backups for a quick restore. Otherwise, I periodically run a script on my Mac to mirror my site and database files locally and let my home backup routine keep historical copies of my site(s).