Day Two Websites Are Down Again!

Yesterday all of my Wordpress sites were down for hours because database server could not be reached. Eventually they went up and everything was fine till this morning. All the sites are down again! Three e-mails to support team and not a single response. This is unbelievable!


Make sure your emails to support are for mysql, since that’s the underlying problem and make the CRITICAL and tell them you’ve been down for two days. I was down for 90 minutes yesterday for the same problem.


Thanks Bill, I did. They finally just got back to me, and the websites are back online. Lets hope its longer than 24 Hrs this time.

Couple of days and all the sites down again. Database issues nonstop. I have never seen anything like this before. Unbelievable!

All your sites are up again for me, except one missing a wp-config.php file.

Today we had a bit of a network outage which was outside our control. You should have had an alert in your panel about this, but you can always check on to see what’s going on.