Dates on my joomla site

I have noticed on 3 of my joomla websites on dreamhost the date seems to be a day out. I cant work out why. These dates are typed in dates on a calendar. is one example. the motorcycle ride day is on the 11th but on the calendar it shows it as the 12th.

I have had this with completely different component on another of my sites.

Im at a loss and wondered if anyone had any idea why this woudl happen…

Hi jasjen1, you’re doing some good work on the sites. I like the sitename you put on the nav buttons, it’s a nice customization while still subtle. Please make sure that you have updated to the current stable release of Joomla, which is 1.0.11. There were some date issues with previous versions, as well as some fairly well-known vulnerabilites that an upgrade will patch.

If that’s not a problem, then configuration is probably the next thing to look at. There are 2 different time modifiers in the admin section: “Time Offset” and “Server Offset” which can be maintained through the Global settings or directly in the configuration.php file.

It’s probably weird seeing the dates being different from a value you directly typed in, but they’re stored in GMT. Most likely the suspect components are only paying attention to one of the offset values when calculating local time. Sounds like this problem only happens with the calendar, so changing the offsets probably isn’t enough to fix it. If you’re comfortable with php this is a good opportunity to peek inside the calendar module. If not, I’d be happy to take a quick look if you wanted to hook me up with a copy of the file.

Thanks for the promt and extensive reply

I got the module from here,com_remository/Itemid,29/func,fileinfo/id,43/

I am using Joomla! [ 1.0.11 Stable ]

My time offset is set for my capital city. Could it be that I have to set it to the actual server time?? I have been really puzzled by this and have avoided using these calanders because of this.

Also how does the server offset work??

Thanks for the nice comments about the customisation.

We were playing with it today and noticed that when you select months in advance of the current month the date is correct. It is just the current month that is a day in advance.

I wonder if that makes any sense to you :P, doesn’t to me.