Datacenter or subcompany in a different country

Since the election of Donald Trump, future of USA democracy (and Internet as well) is uncertain. I’ve been here since 2003, so even during the Bush presidency, but never in these years I’ve been more worried about how will Dreamhost be able to continue serving web contents with current freedom of speech and speed. These are concerns both political and technical. see the net neutrality issue.
So, please, consider creating a datacenter in another place (eg. Canada or EU) and/ir a subcompany there.

Thanks for reaching out to us!

In short, we’re still sticking by freedom of speech like we always have. The way they come for the info might change (we’re not sure yet?) but we will still make them jump through all the hoops possible.

I don’t know if you’ve read our privacy policy, but the executive order doesn’t have any negative impact on how we handle privacy. We’re a business, not the government. We will always require proper due process before we give up any customer information. It doesn’t matter where the customer is or what country is asking for that data. Without a warrant, subpoena, or other court order coming from law enforcement with jurisdiction over our business, we’re not saying a

Privacy policy:

I can tell you from experience that we side with the customer whenever and where-ever possible on privacy matters.

With all of that said, we do not have any plans at this time to relocate or open any new data centers.

If you have any more questions please contact us here:

Matt C