Databse is not installed error


Im in the process of designing my website, and I uploaded a folder with some php files in it. The FTP was successful and I see the sub folder in my root folder, however, when I click on said folder in my browser(Firefox), I get the following error message:“Database is not installed”.

I am not sure why I am getting that error, because I set up mysql database successfully.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Not a newbie in the sense of being new at configuring websites, but I have had a long layoff, so I
re-familiarizing myself with the process.

Do you have a site config file for the database? It can’t be pointing to “localhost.” It’s an actual hostname, such as


When you say a site configuration file for the database, are you talking about the config file that is in the folder that I am trying to access?

If you are, then yes there is a config folder inside the folder that Im trying to access, and in the folder the following file exists: config.example.php

is that what you are referring to?

If not, and you are talking about another file, then I dont have a clue. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Whatever script you’re using to build your website might require that you run an install.php (or something) so as to propagate the new database for usage.

It would help if you indicate the script you’re installing.

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It’s CMS based. Hope that helps…I’ll take a look at the link that you provided…

I have also sent an email to the creators of the script to see if they can provide me with some feedback on the issue.