Databases with dreamweaver

Does anyone know how to set up dreamweaver so I can access a database created with dreamhost?
There is 4 steps that it has to set
up the connection to the database (1) define a site, (2)choose a document type, I chose PHP, but wasn’t really sure what to choose, however, i’m not sure it matters that much, (3)set up site’s testing server. This is where I had some difficulty however here is how i filled out the information: Server Model: PHP MySQL
Access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host Directory:
Login: cggcadm
password: ******
Used passive FTP
URL Prefix:

when i test this it works fine…however just double check to make sure i set that up right.
(4) create a connection by clicking the + button above
When i click it it brings a drop down list with “MySQL Connection”, so i click that, and i get another window, this is where i am very unsure of how to fill out the information, but this is what i typed in:
Connection Name: germantownPrayList
MySQL Server:
User Name: jharner
password: *********
Database: ____________ [select]
I click select, and it goes through a series of things to connect to the server, then i get an error message:

  1. There is no testing server running on the server machine
  2. The testing server specified for this site does not map to the
    URL. Verify that the URL prefix maps to the root of the site.

Please help…

Windows sucks…Linux is better!

you have to go into the setting for your mysql database in the panel and allow access to the datbase at your IP address.
goodies> Mysql > click Moduf across from the user on the database you want access to. There is a box there iwth example on how to add your IP address so you can access it from your computer.

Your settings look about right to me, so hopefuly this is the only problem.

BTW, a search would have revealed this info…