Databases missing!

Is anyone else having database problems?! As of last evening, at least 3 of my databases have gone awol – the db hostnames are no longer pingable from the web server and the databases have disappeared from my hosting panel – but were NOT manually deleted.

I’m assuming this is another database server failure like those I’ve seen mentioned in recent e-mails. Just want to know if others are experiencing similar problems…

I’m freaking here… 11 hours, no response to tickets, no updates on announcements page…

'course, I’m a dumbass for not having current backups of my databases, otherwise I could have replicated my data and moved my sites as soon as there were problems… but alas…


The same here! Good to know, we are not alone.

Hmm. I saw your post and went looking - my database (which I use for Movable Type) appears not to exist according to the control panel, but Movable Type is working fine, and I can log in to PHPMyAdmin at Strange.

Hey, my database is back in my control panel - has the trouble the two of you have been having cleared up as well?

This problem should be fixed as of mid-morning today. Sorry for the lack of an announcement.

still down? I have 4 databases gone ATM, nothing I’ma going to lose much sleep over but if we get a progress report that’d be grand, or is it a propagation wait issue now?

The data is still there correct? Just DNS problem?



What domain(s)?

  • is one that’s showing no hostnames

  • is the one that is connected to DB now but had the PM/email notice issue described above


There are two databases which don’t seem to have hostnames associated with them; there are two others which do, and both of those are resolving Ok as far as I can see.

If you want to submit a support request with more detailed information, I can get someone to take a closer look.

oh good gravy man! I did it (of course). I had the hostname of one as a subdomain of a subdomain that I recently deleted! Not good, totally my bad, I assume the other is something similar, I hope I can find this data!

I’ll send in a support request.

So sorry about that, job security right?

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Well have you looked under goodies -> MySQL? There are 4 databases there - just that two of them have no hostnames. Create new hostnames for them and you should be good to go; the data hasn’t gone anywhere.

Did the panel bug you about removing the subdomains? We should probably make things so that it at least warns you when you remove a domain or subdomain that has an existing mysql hostname within it.

I just mailed support asking if I could just assign a new hostname for that database so I could again connect to it and all the data would still be there (same DB, user and pass, it all appears to be there, just no host).

I’m sure it’s just a matter of hostname, and the data’s still there, but I’m kinda afraid to assign a new hostname until I’m sure I can get that data back.

Thanks a ton will, and please forgive the sloppiness here =\


edit you snuck in on me, (you rock BTW) and answered my question before I asked it! to answer yours, no the panel didn’t squeel a bit about the domains being used as hostnames (or if it did it was some of that green text or something that’s not entirely eye-catching).

thanks again

Just assign one.