Databases gone. Restored some from backup


Loyal DH’r for 4 years now. A few bumps in the road, but nothing too terrible.
Yesterday I awoke to many emails saying my sites were down. All of my databases are gone. They show in the panel, but not in phpmyadmin. Nor in deleted database / restore thing.

I was fortunate enough to have some backups that I set up temp DBs to get my main sites up on a temp basis.

First ticket is 33 hours old and an update with more info is 28 hours old.

I know they are having issues with their central database. Would this invlve dropping of databases?

Main ticket #2957059

Just kinda bummed. 90% of my sites are on databases and they all gone.

Sad panda. Any idea how I can get my databases back? I set up the temp ones and pointed my config files to those databases.

Just wondering if anyone has any hints, not being all pissy.


Hi beerokid
Same story with me. However my databases are on the list but not on phpMyAdmin and the some of those are not responsive to passwords. I have now more than 48 hours with all my sites down, no answer to my tickets and 25 hours waiting for a (paid) phone call.

I saw that your site is up and running again. Any secret? Could you please share if you just waited. I have all my sites down and a stupid answer to my first ticket saying that I had to run an installation php script that was used when I opened my account 4 years ago!!! I didn’t run any script then.

I still like Dreamhost because they where usually really good in the past but at this point I don’t know. The Control Panel was also down several times in the last couple of days. If you found a solution yourself please post it here.

Thank you so much


I had a backup for my main site from dec 11th which I uploaded it to my database server.

And one from my forum 2 days back. I got lucky, but the other ones are all still gone.

Both I set up with diff DB names and pointed my configs to them. No help at all from DH.

did this

All my hosted DBs are still gone. I know they have this problem with many of their customers and am kinda bummed they did not acknowledge it with a post on the status page. I hope they have instituted some sort of cache of those databases that were lost or damn that would suck.


Thank you for your answer. I already tried to restore 3 databases but no positive results. In my case I see the databases on the list but either they don’t show on phpmyadmin or some they don’t accept my password. I even tried to create a new user but the passwords are not accepted.
I guess we have to wait…I feel really bad because I always thought that Dreamhost Support was awesome but after this one I will need to backup locally more often. I am a Mac user but I found a great PC program called Site Vault that I am starting to run in one of my Windows boxes. It does database and site backup.



I created the tepm DBs as my usual user and then shot the backups into mysql after uploading them to a dir on my site. If that helps you at all.

Good luck.


Thanks. I’m not a linux guru but I would like to know if you or someone reading the post could give instructions or send me a link on how to use a console command to backup MySQL databases I would like to be able to download some of these databases. Or try to see if using a command line the databases are there maybe with wrong set of permissions. I have an Ubuntu machine in case there is some Linux app able to do the job.

Regards, good luck for your too


well in windows you can use putty

to get a connection to your DH CLI connection

Then this wiki will help you get where you need to go.

I can provide more, but it is really only useful if you are trying to restore a backed up file.sql

If you need help I can assist. Will post my phone # if needed.


UPDATE: they got in there and got my databases back :slight_smile:

I had to run an update on the mysql server. Your databases are now
accessible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused
and appreciate your continued patience. If you have any additional
questions, please let us know.


Did you get your latest ones back? Like it was before the outage?



All of the databases that went missing are back along with the two I uploaded to get some temp sites up.

Bummer it took 2.5 days, but they are a bit busy with all the issues lately. Good luck support folk, and thanks.