I went to check my website that is connected to a database. It was wiped clean. I need to know if the information could have been lost by SAKE going down? Thanks.

DB’s should be on their own box, check the panel :

Status >> Mysql Usage

and check out on which box the DB is hosted.
Sake going down didn’t have any impact on any of my DB’s, they’re hosted on hefty.

Thanks. Now I know which server hosts each DB. I am now weirded out because all are on ‘hefty’ except for these two. They are on ‘fin’ ???
At least this has forced me to learn how to do backups. sigh

np :slight_smile:
DH uses a distributed model, a box can have only so many concurent DB’s that its necessary to have a pool/cluster of boxes, especially when you can create unlimited DB’s.
So in order to keep things flexible and at the same time obtain a load balancing approach, depending on criteria set by DH, some DB’s will land on different boxes.
Backups… ah yes, no matter what failsafe in effect, a backup can save the day…
sorry to hear you lost data :frowning: