Database update forms



I am starting to wean myself off of Frontpage 2000, but will still require some wysiwyg help (And please…I would appreciate not receiving “lectures” about how ancient or awful Frontpage is (was), or how “evil” wysiwyg is, as it has successfully gotten me through the development of my business, and how I should have seen this coming…I have gotten an earful from some prima donnas at a couple of other forums, and am seeking help). And yes, I do not know code. Shoot me. (please) My concern is replacing my current system of using the Frontpage Database Connection Wizard, which very easily creates very functional .asp (need to move to another scripting language, I know) pages which are used as update forms tied to queries and tables in my Access 2000 database. If I need to move to a completely different platform, so be it. However, I need to check out the quickest andbest path to keep myself in business. My hosting company suggested Word Press, which I have tried, but because I do not read code myself, and am being constanly “hustled” by developers to use their services, and having to go to a mysql database and change to a Linux-based server, etc, I am in a bit of a mess. I am not concerned about learning the basics of creating a new website with a new html editor, but I need to be able to manage database records and incorporate them into private web pages.

Can you help advise me in a good solution for transitioning?