Database transfer

I’ve moved this to it’s own thread. I think it was burried at the end of another.

Well I thought another thread here might answer my questions, but it seems I am even more of a simpleton and am more confused that ever. I’ve read all the kb and even searched online. I just need someone to break it down for me in very basic layman terms. I have the questions into support but it’s been a day and no response. I really need some help. I can’t screw this up.

Situation: Was left holding the admin bag on old online community whose message board is currently offline. Have no prior knowlege of this side of database management or messageboard administration. Until a week ago knew nothing of MySQL php or databases. Still don’t, although I’ve read tons. I think I’m on overload.

Problem - Invision Powerboard will be doing an install on my site here and needs the old board database in order to recreate our board as it was when it went offline due to old crappy host server. I have dled a backup to my hard drive from the old server using the backup function of a ‘cpanel’ control panel.

Question - How do I get that backup restored to a new db here at DreamHost so IPB can utilize it during the install? I’m not even sure I grasp the concepts. When a backup is done, is it only the data, and not the actall database including it’s structure? If so, do I need to import the backup data into a newly created db here, or if self contained can I just upload the backup via ftp and all will be fine? I’ve read about using shell access, the funky -p -h connect address, all that stuff…I’m just really lost. Could someone who knows the DH control panel and the ins and outs of this PLEASE give me step by step instructions on what’s neccesary to get this old backup restored here so IPB can use it? Have I completely confused you? I think I’ve confused myself even more.

I want to just do a right click/ftp upload, type in my http address and be done, but with all I’ve read it doesn’t seem to be that simple. The db is over 8MB. I’ve read about splitting and different php commands. When do you know if that’s necessary. I’m just really lost. Pleas HELP!

ETA Btw the back up is a DZ (Dzip) compressed file…will it auto extract? What does it change? Do I need to convert it to text? Yes…clueless here. :slight_smile:

I would uncompress the backup (dzip(?)) and take a look at the resulting file and see if it’s text. If it is text see if it looks like SQL (or post a few non identifying lines here and ask).

If it’s SQL then the course is pretty simple.

  1. Bring up phpMyAdmin (goodies->mySql and clicking on the database you want to store this data on, or create a new one and wait a few hours, and then go to it).

  2. Click on the SQL tab

  3. Click browse, and point to the text (not the dzip(?)) file on your hard disk.

If the god(s) are smiling your data bases and data will be there.

If you cant uncompress the dzip(?), or it isnt SQL then I can’t help ya.


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It’s gzip :slight_smile:

And PHPMyAdmin can handle gzipped files and normal SQL files the same, so you should be able to select the file and let it do it’s thing. 8Mb should be ok for it, depending on how fast you can upload it. It might time out and then you have a long complicated road ahead to insert it.

It also depends on what type of backup you did. You can usually do a data backup, or a whole db backup. If it’s just data, you will need to get the table schema from your old database, by using whatever MySql admin package your old host use.

Ok you two…that seemed easy enough and I tried just to select gzipped, pointed to the backup and go. Um…but how do you tell if it worked? When it finished it just gave me a blank page so I went back into the database and it didn’t look any different than when it was empty. Of course, I must admit, I really don’t know what I’m looking at or for. How do I know it worked. I prolly completely screwed it cuz I tried again. Same thing, so again. Please don’t shoot me.

Btw is Dzip the same as Gzip? It does say D not G…is this the problem and I should try to extract it first like the first reply suggested?

And since I did this a couple times, do I need to delete whatever, if it’s acutally there, and start over?

What about when you click the query link and it gives you an import tab. I tried that too? Is that the same as the first process?

Gawd I’m still so confused. Did I need to create some sort of table within my DB first b4 the import? I didn’t do that and it shows no table created even after I did all the above.

Apparently I am an imbecile…I’m really not used to feeling so inept. Help again? Please? I can beg real well…really I can if necessary. :slight_smile:

ETA Oh and should I unclick the box by “show this query here again” before I browse and go? I didn’t the first time but did the second? Seriously…I need help in MANY ways.

hmmm. I thought it was gzip that PHPMyAdmin usually uses but oh well, not important.

If it has worked, you should see a list of tables in the left hand frame, clicking these will take you to the data.

Open the MySql file/zipped file and see if you can read it. If you can’t, then it’s probably zipped. If you can, look for something like CREATE TABLE tb_name(…
If it has that then you should be getting tables in the left hand frame. If it’s just INSERT INTO tb_name… then it’s just data.

If you go to PhpMyAdmin and see a piece of text in bold, that means it’s a database (I think from memory). If you click that and then try the Import/Query tab and see what happens.