Database table names


Hi. I’ve noticed recently that when new tables are created in a database, they have what appears to be a random string added to the name. This didn’t always happen.

For example, all the tables associated with my WordPress installation have names like…


…whereas previously there would be no string (eg, the tables would be named wp_posts.)

These tables were created using the Dream Host 1-click install for WP3.0.

Can someone explain why that number is being added to the tables, what it means, and whether it’s being added directly by WordPress, or by Dreamhost, or as part of the 1-click install process?

I’m concerned that having that unique string as part of the table name will complicate the importing of other tables from other databases whose tables contain different strings but whose structure is otherwise identical.



you can take it out. it’s just the table prefix, just as ‘wp_’. You can find it in the WP config settings.

i believe DH adds a small random string for a bit of security. you might notice in your logs that every once in a while, someone will request various wp-login pages from standard directories such as blog/ wp/ wordpress/ etc… so if they manage to get to SQL, they won’t be able to go straight to wp_options…

i think that’s why they do it.


I see. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. Looks like that string doesn’t do any harm, might do some good, and could be removed easily enough if necessary… as long as it’s removed from the tables AND also from wp-config.

PS. This message board sw is much nicer than the old one!