Hopefully A Dreamhost “Rep” Comes Across This.

While Finishing up the final lines of scripting for a custom “Access Log” viewer, I test ran it to make sure there was no faulty coding left and found everything running PERFECT but came across a very strange log line that cought my attention.

Oddly enough at the same time this event happened I was uploading some *.swf files to the server and had and error uploading them for some reason my software reported not being able to resolve a connection to the server and some other technical lines I didnt take notice partly because I was watching some Boston New York Action :).

So my question is, could I have cause this event?
If so, is the file “database_stop_hacking.asp” a dreamhost active server page, script … whatever ?

These are the actual recorded log lines under my own IP address. -

xxxxxx = folders renamed to keep private

10/17 16:00 /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/database_stop_hacking.asp?dbAction=today&localDate=Sun Oct 17 18:59:50 GMT-0400 2004

10/17 16:03 /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/database_stop_hacking.asp?dbAction=allTime

10/17 16:31 /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/database_stop_hacking.asp

Status of this line is 404. Of course 404 this *.asp file is not on my server.

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