Database server name is strange! username@strangename



Let’s say I login to my database using phpmyadmin.
The username I use for the database is let’s say: admin55.

On the phpmyadmin page I see admin55@“someweirdname”.com

My dreamhost server’s name is marv. So what is that “weirdname” and why don’t I see admin55@marv for instance?

I wonder if my database server has been hacked?



it’s just the reverse ip lookup that phpmyadmin does. it picks the first domain on your machine. you can safely ignore it. happens to everyone on your machine except for 1.


Alright thanks, I was worried


i was too, and that’s what DH support told me. they weren’t too fussed by it. then again, they aren’t too fussed with many issues that seem to indicate lax security


This isn’t a security issue.


cleartext passwords is


I’m not sure whether it’s a result of moving to a new server or not, but phpMyAdmin is now showing rather than some random user’s domain name.

Impressive! I’m glad that, even if it’s not a direct security issue, DH is hiding users from each other. Obscurity is not security, but it doesn’t hurt!

Great job!