Database Restore


Hi all,

I can’t get my Database to restore from the web panel.
The web panel shows 1 backup available to restore from.
I choose it and check the “My restored tables should be named tablename and the tables there now should be overwritten by the backups!” and click “Restore my backup now” button and nothing happens.

I have waited hours and tried it again. Still nothing.

I know I should have a backup of my own and I am the dumb ass. It was just the ability to restore the db from the web panel that made me not worry to much about doing one.

Anyone have any suggestions?



hi, i get same problem, i have been restoring database from dreamhost panel, but the new database is still empty after hours, and now my website is dead for hours, my database is 1,5Gb, my manual backup is 2 month a go

i have been contact support, but usually its need 24 hours or less to get they reply from email…

please help what happened, is it the auto backup dead?


Backups from within the panel are no guarantee. Just a convenience. Sometimes they blow up or vanish during a server move. Usually, though, they work. If not, then stick with contacting support. And next time around, dump your own backups.



If that figure is correct then I’d think you’ll either require to have Support actually do the restoration for you as a superuser or import from your manual backup in chunks.

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no, i mean current database in auto backup is 1,5Gb

manual backup from 2 month ago only 300mb

i am still waiting they support answer,

are you guys not get this problem this days in dh auto backup?


Did anyone ever get an answer to this issue? I have tried it again and again - also the panel has time and date stamps of that the back-up has taken place.

I guess I now have to have a back up on my own as well.