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Last week I changed my permalinks settings in Wordpress and since then half of my site has had 404 errors. I tried resetting the permalinks, deleting and rebuilding the pages with the 404 erros and repairing the database but neither has worked. I’ve been told from another help board for my wp theme support that the issue is probably a bad database and I need to reinstall wordpress. Does this sound right?

The article I saw on deleting wordpress shows that the database would remain intact unless I delete that too. If the database is the problem do i need to manually delete that and completely rebuild my site?! Is there anyway to save my site while reinstalling to fix a database problem?

I have limited general knowledge of wordpress and websites so please break it down kindergarten style for me.

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It could be a problem with your template or a conflict with a plug-in.

Have you tried switching your site to one of the WP default templates and then rebuilding the permalinks again? Does that help?

You could also try removing the current htaccess file and let WP generate a new one by resetting your permalinks. (If you have a lot of customizations, save a copy).

If you think it is an issue with the databases, can you roll it back to a point before the 404 errors started happening? (You find that in your Dreamhost Panel, under goodies > mysql databases). The database and the WordPress php files - and your media and images - are hosted in two different places.

Can you access your posts and media from the dashboard? If so, export your site content before you do anything with your database, so you can import it into a clean WordPress if you need to.

Also, make sure your site hasn’t been hacked. You can ask support to run a scan for you if you think that might be the case. Open up a support ticket.


Well I was giving myself an entire day to try all the above and see if I could fix the problem but now when I try to log in to my site I get “Error establishing a database connection” I can’t roll back the database far enough to before the errors began.

It looks like I just need start over. So irritating. Thank you for the advice though.


Your site is loading fine for me now, so I presume you got this resolved?


Just out of interest, how did you ascertain what website the OP was referring to?


I work for DreamHost, so I looked at his account :slight_smile: