Database problems


Hey there,

For some reason my database isn’t working at all. I created a new hostname and restored a deleted database the other day and for some reason my ruby on rails application cannot migrate the database and nor can I even connect to the database remotely.

I get this error when I try and connect remotely.

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (60)

What does this error mean? Do you think I should delete my hostname and make another and do the same or something different with the actual database?



If you are trying to connect remotely, have you white listed the IP that you are trying to connect from?

Go to this page in the panel:
Click the username for the database that you are trying to access, and check what’s in “allowed hosts”


Hmmm, I did what you said and sure enough my ip wasn’t there. However, when I tried to save the changes, I got this error:

OOPS! Something just went terribly wrong:

couldn't get mysql service

Please contact DreamHost Support for details.