Database performance issue?

I’m in the process of moving my site to Dreamhost, and have a concern. It’s based on PHP-Nuke, and uses MySQL extensively.

I put a copy of my site up on Dreamhost, but it seems slow compared to my current site.

Is this due to the nature of the database hosting here? Or is it an issue of using a temporary Dreamhost domain name?

old site (I have not moved the DNS yet):
new site:

If you are talking about the “Page Generation” (bottom of each page) being 2 - 4 seconds, that would probably be database related. I don’t see how it could be DNS related. Perhaps network related if your database is on a non-DH database server. It would be interesting to see how many queries you site requires for each page.

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With a hang like that, seems like a DNS resolution problem somewhere… but not due to the site transfer. It seems like a DNS lookup of some sort failing internally (i.e., the first nameserver the machine’s using to resolve names is failing)… however I checked and that doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

The interesting thing is that the hang is fairly consistent, but static pages / images load instantly.

I wish I could give you a better answer here… I’ll try to look into it some more this week.

Was something done about this? My pages are now loading much faster.

Nothing specific that I know of. It does seem faster now.