Database performace

How have people’s experience with database performace been?

I’ve read on some posts that the DreamHost setup is a little difficult – you actually have to wait for a while before the database is setup. And that the response time is poor, because of the physical separation between mysql server and hosting server.

I’m planning on doing a Drupal installation, which can be database heavy – would this be a problem?


Databases are as easy if a little different than setting up using cpanel (if you have had previous experience with it), the Knowledge base describes how to do it well. There is a statement that databases can take up to two hours to become active after setup, but I have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes.

I have noticed no difference in response time from my dreamhost account than ones I have had where the mysql server is run locally on the same machine that is running the webserver.

I actually prefer having the database server seperate from the web server, I would expect that this allows them to balance the load across their network better.

I have no idea about drupal so can’t help you there, but the one thing I like about Dreamhost is that they have a metric system for database activity so at least you can monitor your mysql usage.

So, If I run some install script that sets up a database as part of the process, is that even possible, or do all databases have to be created manually?


I’ve never seen an install script that actually creates a database for you. If that’s truly the case, then you would be correct in saying you’d have to first “create the database manually”.

With that out of the way, any install script I’ve ever seen needs to be fed your DB details, hostname, database name, username and password in order to connect. THEN they will take that info, connect to your database and build the tables for the application

I think you’re confusing what an installation script does. To do as you suggested the script would still need details about where to find the database server, and your shell user account name and password.


The database creation is manual in terms of setting the database name, user name etc although this is done through the dreamhost web panel so the grunt work is done by that.

What you have then is a empty database, you can then use a script to populate the database with tables etc.

It is fairly easy to set up a a database once you get the hang of it. However, performance is sub-sub-par. My site uses a lot of DB access… every page does, actually. No static pages. Sometimes it goes very fast, queries < 0.01 seconds for some fairly complex joins and unions. Other times (such as right now) the database is down entirely – haulting my entire site.

yup, I’ve been running into a bit of crap performace out of MySQL lately myself, but never for very long, had no service earlier today, couldn’t connect, but it only lasted maybe 10 minutes