Database pages problem

Hi there

Bit new to this so go easy on me.

Suddenly (about 2 hours ago) my site lost access to all its database driven pages. The index page is accessible but all the wordpress content is not. I can connect via ftp, I can even got into wpadmin and edit pages but they cannot be viewed.

I have posted a ticket to DH but have yet to get an automated or human response. This is the second problem I’ve encountered in 24 hours - yesterday my particular server required a full reboot after my site went down for a few hours. Not sure if this is connected.

Can anyone offer some advice as to what is causing this? I feel much better when I know what the problem is.

My site is and I’m using version 2.07 of Wordpress.



Fixed - problem with Wordpress. For some reason my permalinks were broke. I updated them and it was all fine. Not sure what suddenly caused them to be updated but there you go.