Database name already exists..but it doesn't!

I just tried to make a new MYSQL Database named “activecollab”.

However, when I hit submit it came back with a “this user already has a database named activecollab”, which I don’t! The only database I have is for my wordpress blog called “blog”.

What’s going on here?


As you’re under shared environment, other users on your SQL server probably took that database name already. Hence, you’ll need to choose something a little more original to get it to work :wink:

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And I’m supposed to be a “creative director”! D’oh! Taken car of, thanks!


There’s a global namespace for database names on a MySQL server? Didn’t know that!

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I’m confused.

If I have a unique hostname like “” and create a database “database”, will it collapse with another “database” in “”?

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Consider your domain/hostname to be the same thing as a “Virtual Name”. The SQL Server has an IP… let’s say it’s (I’m using a local IP as this is just an example). That’s the IP your SQL server is on. So when you create the domain/hostname “”, all it’s doing is pointing to that IP address of your SQL Server. So you could technically point hundreds if not thousands of sub/domain names at that IP address, but they would all be seen by the SQL Server as the same: An inbound connection attempting to access its resources.

So in the end, it just depends on which SQL Server you’re on. The way they have it setup, I presume, is that there are X amount of users per SQL Database. So let’s say there are 100 users per database. That means there could be in upwards of 100+ different domain names connecting to that SQL Server and thus, 100+ different possibilities of someone taking the name of the database you wanted to create.

Now mind you, my “100+” statistic is completely random and I imagine it may even be overkill, so please keep in mind that it was just used as an example :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully that clears it up a little for you? :wink:

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Thanks for the clarification. Mousee

I missed the part that SQL server will point the hostname to an IP address. That is where I am confused.

Thanks for the explanation.

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