Database - MySQL

Quick question (wish html was enabled so i could put up an image)
At the CP I’m looking at the usage of MySQL… all i have is a testing DB trying to make sure my 3rd party app is working well with updating etc to it…
For one day it is showing for ‘Connects’ = 1 and Queries = 9
The question I have is I did not connect with DB on this day, does this mean that maybe something like the google bot came through or something? Is it normal for a DB to be connected to and queried even though there is no site attached to this DB and I didn’t connect?
Lastly, I’m still working with my 3rd party app and how to read and create records… but is there a way for phpmyadmin to show me a detailed record of the IPs that make a connection to the DB?

Have you checked out your site statistics to see if some bot hit your site?

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Ya, I think the bots was came to your site.

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well, thats just it… there is no site to hit! I’m just doing some DB experimenting with a
there is nothing at, no files, no index.html or index.php

Well, if you don’t have any pages then that is a bit of a mystery. Are you sure you’re not being fooled by timezone entries?

BTW, what do you mean by “experimenting with a”? Is your test site? I think we’re suggesting that your test site could be being hit.

Of course, if you haven’t linked to it from anywhere else and haven’t submitted it to search engines, it is pretty unlikely that any search engine crawled it.

As I said earlier, your logs should show the source of any hits on your website.

Also, what about automated backups?

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Nope, I examined the timezone possibilities, but on the specific date none were anywhere near 12 a.m. eastern (my time) or 12 am pacific (DH’s timezone).
Ofcourse, it’s not like I’m having any functionality issues, I’m just one of those that wants to have a full understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work.
Nope, I’m using a 3rd party app that can do automated tasks, but I haven’t set it up to do so, nor have I set up anything within phpmyadmin…
Aside from some kinda harmless bot or spider, I’m wondering if maybe the query was simply DH doing a query that is obviously needed to supply the ‘reports’ info? That seems to make sense… other than that nothing was initiated by me on this entire date.
But like I said, no functionality problems at all… actually everything about hosting with DH has worked exactly as advertised, I’m loving it… experimenting and learning.

I just really noticed you specifically said ‘logs’ which I’m gonna check now… I dont know why I only concentrated on ‘reports’… but that stats reports is hella detailed. In ur opinion how accurate is it, it’s %s?
Also, in reports I did notice that the ONLY IP shown to have accessed anything was 100% mine… so that is whats making me think it may have been DH query for daily stats update.

checking ‘logs’ now lenseman… thanks for helping a NooB learn…

BTW, when I mentioned automated backups, I mean the ones that DreamHost automatically makes for you.

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DH makes auto backups? Thats good, where do I find it… is it .sql?