Database/mysql problems

Hey there all,

Have a mySQL database that has been being accessed via a cgi script for over a year on DH. However, last week it started not working (after the problems with DH DNS) and there has been no changes to the scripts. DH is saying there have been no changes on the server, so they say it has nothing to do with them, but they are happy to charge me $100/hour to troubleshoot.

I just don’t understand how a script that has worked for over a year can suddenly stop working when nothing has been messed with from our side.

Just really frustrating considering all the problems I have had with DH in the last couple of weeks. Very frustrating!

Anyone else having problems? I think the domain ( is on the larry server as I recall. Appreciate any feedback.


How do you connect to your database? How do you know it’s not working – what error messages are you getting?

What is the MySQL hostname you are using? Can you type the MySQL hostname directly into a web browser window? What happens? Do you see the PHPMyAdmin pages?

  • wil

Maybe I didn’t make it clear, but it is the script that has stopped working with the database. I can access the database via the phpMyAdmin pages; however, the script that has been happily running all this time now gives me the following error, “Can’t call method “name” on an undefined value at maint.cgi line 75.” It is a custom script that was built by someone else to maintain the database, but has ran fine at DH up until last week.

I have simply been trying to find out from DH if there have been any upgrades or changes to the server, and I keep getting told no. I mainly need a point to start troubleshooting as to why a script that has been running with no problems, would break when there haven’t been any changes.

And, honestly, after the last couple of weeks of DH problems, I probably am a bit more inclined to ask them if they have done something than assume gremlins have attacked an innocent script. :slight_smile:


I can take a look at the script for you if you want. I might be able to see where things are going wrong. Looks like some varible is having trouble being initialized.

Or we can start off by you pasting the lines around, and including, line 75 of the script.

  • wil

Any chance the script hiccuped over the upgrade to MySql4? (I think I read in a newsletter that the upgrade had taken place.)

Thanks Wil & Everyone else with input.

I also remembered something about DH talking about upgrading to 4.0 for mysql, but DH said nothing had happened on the server so assumed that the Larry server had not been upgraded yet.

Here is the portion of the script calling the error.

get table details

$tbl=ListFields $dbh $table;
@cols = @{$tbl->name};
@isnum = @{$tbl->is_num};
@isprikey = @{$tbl->is_pri_key};
@isblob = @{$tbl->is_blob};
@length = @{$tbl->length};
@type = @{$tbl->type};

One other clue that something is haywire is that the admin interface created by this script and some others, has links to access the tables and the links are now showing up with a single quote around them. Sorry hard to explain – one of those you have to see to fully understand maybe.

Wil - thank you immensely for offering to take a look at the script. I appreciate it and if the above portion doesn’t offer any clues, I will email you off the list.

I just need an idea to tell the client why things broke and that she needs to get hold of the programmer to fix if that is the case. I just hate to have her pay the programmer, then have him come back and say it was something at DH.


Hi Wil,

Do you have time to take a look at the script? DH let me know that the server has not been upgraded to mySQL 4, so there went my direction for troubleshooting.

You don’t have to do anything indepth, but if you could give me an idea of what I might check that would be helpful. I have set aside time this weekend to work on it.

Let me know by email what you need. deb @

Thanks for any direction you can give me.