Database migration to psmysql broken for 12+ hours

I signed up for PS and PSMYSQL two days ago. The PS migration went smoothly, and my databases were scheduled to be migrated last night at midnight. I woke up this morning to find all my sites down, with mysql connection failed error messages. Attempting to connect directly via shell fails with the same unknown user message. phpmyadmin from the panel also fails.

I was unable to create a support ticket via the panel as it appeared to be broken this morning, I submitted a ticket via email and it shows up but has not been touched for 5 hours.

I’m suspecting either the merge/migration failed, or a DNS issue. Has anyone else gone through this process and have any tips?


I believe it’s working now, unfortunately I had to fix it because Dreamhost support hadn’t taken a look yet and it’s been over 9 hours since I logged a support ticket, and over 15 hours since the migration. Here’s what I found.

I had to add an allowed host to the mysql config for my database user because my ps runs identifies itself as ‘’ and the only allowed host Dreamhost put in by default is After adding to my user’s allowed hosts my sites all work again.

Not really the database, but my PS server was migrated to another server today and none of the files are there :frowning:
None of my sites are working for past 5 hours!

The directory structures are there… each site has a folder but each folder is empty.

Has anyone come across something similar… or know if I just need to wait for something to propagate ?

I logged a support ticket 5 hours ago and haven’t heard anything back

Astro, I experienced the same thing shortly after fixing the mysql issue. :frowning: My ps was moved and I don’t even have empty directory structures, my home dir is completely gone.

This has been the case for over 12 hours now, and going on 30 hours since the original issues occurred with no response from support. I don’t think I can take this much more, I thought paying Dreamhost more money would provide better service but so far it has completely backfired.

Now I’ve got the empty directory structure, perhaps someone is recognizing there is a problem.

The saga continues. I managed to copy the bare minimum necessary files from the old PS to the new (empty) PS to get my primary site up and running.

All of my sites are down as well. My directories are there but my SQL databases are not showing up, and I can not restore them from the web panel. It has been 48 hours, and we still haven’t been contacted by DH. This is really bad. I have customers that can’t access their sites. Has anyone been able to get set up?

It’s been more than 48 hours since I submitted my support request, with no action. :frowning:

I finally heard from support last night on the empty directory issues, they fixed that pretty quickly (60+ hours after the support request).

My DB user allowed hosts got reset again at midnight, so my dynamic sites were down until I re-added to the allowed hosts for my DB users.

No word on when my DB’s will be merged to my psmysql, it’s said for the past 4 days that the merge would happen at midnight but no go so far. My week trial will be up with no time to test, I believe.

I have my sites down for 6 days now, placed a phone call request 2 days ago. Have no FTP access to the sites and lost a lot of business. I could avoid posting this but at least you guys know that there are people suffering even more…

Another 24 hours, and again my allowed hosts entry of was lost for my DB users, breaking all my dynamic sites.

I have cancelled the scheduled merge of my DB’s from shared to psmysql (since it’s been scheduled for 5 days now with no action except to reset my allowed hosts entry) with the hopes that this will stop the reset issue. I guess this means the psmysql is useless to me.

I can’t imagine what’s going on with the support load at dreamhost that it takes 5 days to handle basic support requests about moves to PS.