Database limits


We are currently hosting a MyBB forum on a shared host provided by another hosting company. As our users have increased over time, we want to move to a better host and we are considering DreamHost for this purpose.

max_user_connections is a MySQL variable which defines the number of simultaneous connections a database user can make to a database. Since this variable was too low on our previous host (it was set to 15) and the hosting company refused to increase it, we recently heard a lot of complaints from our users getting error pages while using the forum.

We would like to know what the value of max_user_connections is on DreamHost hosts. Please respond regarding your experience:

  1. If you are using DreamHost please go to PHPMyAdmin and find the value in the “Variables” section and reply here.

  2. If you are using DreamHost PS, please reply with both the value of max_user_connections, and whether you can modify MySQL configs for your PS.

Thanks in advance!

This is what I got max connections 1,200

Mine is on shared database server. I am not sure whether you can configure it on DH PS. But I think the max number of connects is more than enough. What you need to worry is the memory. If it is critical, I’d suggest you to go with PS since you have isolated resources.