Database issue

is it me or is anyone having issues connecting to their DB?? i keep sumitting tickets and everytime they said is fixed i still cant get into any of them???

no matter which username i used. i still cant connect to my databases. I even created a new user and still same problem

this sucks

I have 3 sites at least that are not connect to their databases on “scrappy”. This is very frustrating. I’ve used the system wide feature in support to report something a few months ago and it was a waste of time. Will it be for this as well?

i believe that is the server. I can understand if it is for an hour or two but this has been going on all day. That wide feature thing is a joke and the dreamhost status site doesn’t mention anything about it.

i just renew with DH and i was planning on getting another domain here but my patience is running out. I love DH and all but this love is starting to hurt my pocket

They’re back up again. Hopefully, they’ll be up for good.