Database imported but site still not changed (wp)

i have moved my old site from other host to dreamhost

the first thing i have installed an wordpress by one-click software,dropped all tables from new installation
after that i imported my mysql by bigdump to phpmyadmin it’s (10 MB)

changed my wp-config data user and password

i can see all tables but in my phpadmin,but site still same
any one can helps

maybe i needs to change any thing in my mysql old file?

it sounds like you did everything correctly…is your old theme installed?

none of them,no themes or plugins

when you say “site still the same…” , what do you mean by that?

also, did you change the dns settings on your domain to point to dreamhost?
if so, how long ago did you do that?(days, hours?)

it might be that your dns is still pointing to your old site. If you have changed your dns recently it can take some time to propagate

hi thanks for your assisst
my domain is already pointed and added in my DH panel
i can access to online ftp, myphpadmin,
just that problem

can sql file contains database user and password?
maybe this requiers changing that setting inside?

in WordPress (and most web-applications) the database user-name and password are NOT stored in the database.

I am still wondering what you see when you visit your site. Are you seeing:

-your old website?
-a new and fresh WordPress site with a “Hello World” home-page?
-an error message that says “Cannot Establish Connection to Database”?

Would you be comfortable posting your domain?