Database hostname - localhost

"You cannot use “localhost” to connect to your database, as DreamHost’s MySQL servers are separate from the regular Web site servers."

What context does this apply to?

When i try to go to www.mydomain/wp-login.php I get “error establishing a database connection.”

I checked the database at my dreamhost web panel and sure enough it said i had to add a hostname before i could use it.

Is “localhost” going to be okay?

If not, what else do I use?

Can’t be localhost. That’s the web server. Your list of db servers is in the DreamHost panel under MySQL Databases. Lower on that screen are the databases and their associated users.

Thanks for the response. I see all that, but it looks like I type in the hostname. It can be anything? Except localhost? For example “xxkjdnuefn” is okay?

Here is the photo. As you can see I still have “localhost” in there, because I am not sure what else to put in.

Also as usual it talks about propagating, so I am never sure if it is wrong, or just needs time.


oh, ok. i changed it from just “hostname” to “

can log into wp-login.php