Database has been deleted but i don't know how


Yesterday one of my databases has been deleted from server without my permission or concession. This problem affect my forum and my website and i will lose many members if continue! I open a support ticket yesterday and nothing happening; The ticket code is #5574662

Please, help me!!!

Have you checked your database recycle bin, maybe it’s in there?

This link:
or and click on “MySQL Recycle Bin”

Deleted databases should be kept there for 30 days (I think) before being purged.

Thanks for the reply. I try this before I create this topic, but nothing has found. I think this is very strange because no one has access to mysql. And only one database has been deleted.


I’m sorry to hear that!
I see someone from our team is looking into your ticket & hopefully finding out what was the root cause of this.
Sit tight! We’re here to help!

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

If you don’t have your own backup, you will have to get DH support to help you out. Hopefully they are able to restore from a backup

It’s important to get the bottom of how it happened as well. It’s possible to have unsafe php code that is exploitable to drop all the tables in a database, is that what happaned? Or did the database completely disappear from the panel, if so support needs to find out where it went…