Database Functionality

I posted this in the third party software area, but figured I should put it here too …

I have been designing sites for awhile, and am still working the very basics. However, I now am in need of something a bit more robust, and don’t know how to start.

I am building a site for our church worship arts department, and have a list of almost 300 songs in our repretoire. For each song, I need to keep track of the key we do it in, the original key and the last time we did it. In addition, I need to keep a chord sheet and mp3 on file. Originally I was cataloguing all of these manually … but I am thinking that there has to be a better (easier) way, using some sort of database. We would also like to include search functionality.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, as far as how to start with something like this? Can I do it with a basic Dreamhost plan, or do I need to upgrade?

The first thing I’d do is look for an off-the-shelf solution. It sounds to me like your requirements would be satisfied by some kind of file cataloguer. You just need to upload the mp3’s, add a little metadata, then search and view through this database. I can’t think of one of these offhand and I’m at work so I shouldn’t do too much non-work surfing, but I’ll take a look tonight.

You can definitely do it on a DreamHost plan. This would be a straightforward MySQL/php project and easily run on a shared plan with the number of songs your describe unless you had zillions of people searching through the database all the time. :slight_smile:

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