Database files?

software development


I need help with a problem. The problem is that I have a file (just one file) that needs to be shared with two people at two different locations. What would be the best solution for this problem. The file is a database file for a program.


You will need to put database files in a server.
You will need to program an interface for your users.

so that users can access database from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connections.

For example: DH supports PHP programming and MySQL database. Usually we build a MySQL database in our database server and build web interface using PHP to manipulate data in database.

Btw, what is your database? Is it a MySQL, Access, or other file?

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They are files similiar to access files. They are for a program called donation and the file is named donation4.db – here is the website that has a list of files that the program uses but I need to share just that one file as the stand-alone machine will have the other files.


By “share” do you mean the ability for both parties to download/read the file or the ability to actually manipulate the data within it?

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