Database Error - Using Wordpress

Upgraded to Wordpress 3.0.4 this morning. All was working well at least for a couple hours. Now I’m getting “Error establishing a database connection” when trying to access my site and “Can’t select database” when trying to access admin.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Seriously bad timing, of course.


if it worked well after the upgrade, then it’s not an issue related to the upgrade. Can you access your database via phpmyadmin? if so, then check your logs and/or turn on php error reporting to get more information. Perhaps you changed the username/password of your database?

I haven’t made any changes and our site is suffering from similar problems. I would guess there is a problem with one or some of their MySQL servers, I can’t connect via command line, or php scripts, and the phpMyAdmin link in the control panel is also inaccessible:
phpMyAdmin - Error
#2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 111

I’ve been down for 13 hours now. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I’m sure they have monitoring systems in place, but it doesn’t hurt to log this issue with the support staff. Have you checked the status blog and twitter feed for mention of your SQL server?

FWIW, my WP installations are working fine on inki:koble

Having similar problems since yesterday. On and Off I have been having database issues while trying to populate a site with content.

Today at about 4pm I finally just got [quote]Error establishing a database connection[/quote]

And no more access.
I thought it was just me and maybe my database was a mess. 1.8MB’s seems pretty decent to me though. Anyone ever find the solution to this issue?

I have similar problem. The error message i’ve got is:
“Error establishing a database connection”

but i didn’t change anything, setting or even update wordpress version. It just happened last hour and still a problem.

After the database stopped responding all together I went into my WP config files.
No idea how it happened but the WP config had switched which database is was using to a different database I had set up for some forums.

Changed it back to the WP database and things were back to normal.

The strange thing is that I thought I must’ve been using the forum databse and saving all the info there but that wasn’t the case, when I switched over to the WP database everything was there still, so it must’ve been something else going on.

Database conflicts or something but I’m not sure how the WP config file could have gotten written too.

Worth checking though.[/align]

Submit a support ticket through the panel.

Even better! online chat is available when demand from paying customers is low, but usually it’s not there, so it helps to find the customer service ticket link too…

you should change your password sometimes, but change it in both places…